Friday, 10 June 2016

Download WHatsmapp Solo Latest Version for free

WhatsMApp is the Latest version of Modded Whatsapp and its best avilable MOD. WhatsMApp is Better then the famous Whatsapp Plus and Reborn versions. Its has Amazing Desing and MOre Materialistic App. It has be carefully analysed and Modded according to Users feel. All known Bugs have been fixed. The App is under development, and Please report any found Bugs in Comments secion and will be fixed in upcomming version.

How to Install
    1. Install Stock Whatsapp from Playstore
    1. Verify and Chat at least with one person.
    1. Create backup of chat from Whatsapp settings.
    1. Unistall Stock Whatsapp.
    1. And install WhatsMapp.
    1. Verify number and restore chats
You are ready to ROCK


Download Latest GBWhatsapp apk for PC for Free

You must have earlier heard a lot about this method of using GBWhatsapp to run 2 WhatsApp account on same android Phone! But the major problem with GBWhatsApp APK is : it frequently gets outdated and hence you might lose all your data stored on Secondary WhatsApp (GBWhatsApp) when it becomes outdated! Do not Worry we have the Latest GBWhatsApp for Download that can serve a great use to you! Along with it we have the detailed guide to install GBWhatsApp alongside Original WhatsApp to Run Dual WhatsApp on Same Phone! So the method goes in this manner.

OGWhatsApp Alternative : GBWhatsApp 

Download Latest Working GBWhatsApp from here: Download GBWhatsapp for pc

  1. This version of GBWhatsapp is 4.16 which has Knox support too which makes it more user friendly on Samsung high end smartphones!
  2. Detailed instruction video to Install or Activate 2 Whatsapp account on Same android phone with GBWhatsapp is provided in the video, Apart from the instructions mentioned in this post :
    Install Latest GBWhatsApp APK as normal app and run for the first time as you do when you installed OGWhatsApp :Now follow the routine procedure to Activate WhatsApp using another or secondary number! This steps includes Adding up your Secondary Mobile number via which you wanna activate 2 WhatsApp and then selecting User Name and Profile Photo for GBWhatsApp! Thats it! You have successfully installed latest GBwhatsApp OGWhatsApp alternative via which you can now successfully Run 2 WhatsApp on Same Mobile without problem!
More and More methods to Activate Dual WhatsApp or 2 WhatsApp on Same phone will be updated on this post as we discover the latest updates for the same! Till then subscribe to the site to stay updated to latest Methods to Run 2 WhatsApp on Same Phone!